General Terms and Conditions


for the Establishment: Saffretta Apartments – Heinrich Walser and
Steffa Hamat – Karl Walser
Kirchgasse 6 - A-6562 Mathon - Austria


Here you find the most important terms of our GTC (General Terms and Conditions)

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Covid 10 Information


In the event of a travel warning due to Covid-19 for Austria or your country of origin, there are no cancellation fees and you will receive your deposit back. We recommend that our guests take out travel insurance. The european travel insurance now insures Covid-19 diseases like any other unexpected serious illness



Offers §3

The accommodation provider shall be entitled to offer the property available for rental to other guests until such time as an accommodation agreement is concluded. All offers are essentially non-binding.

Deposit - Special Arrangements

The guest expressly acknowledges that the accommodation agreement shall only take effect upon the accommodation provider's confirmation that the deposit has been received. Until such time the following special arrangement shall apply:

The guest hereby undertakes to pay the deposit to the accommodation provider within 7 days following the accommodation provider's written booking confirmation. The transfer must be effected such that the full amount is received into the accommodation provider's account before this period expires. Any fees for the monetary transaction (e.g. transfer fees) shall be borne by the guest.

The accommodation provider hereby warrants to the guest that the property offered for rental shall not be rented to other interested parties within this period (7 days).

The deposit shall be a part payment towards the agreed remuneration.

Check out (§4.3)

The rented premises must be vacated by the contracting party by 10:00 on the day of departure. The accommodation provider shall be entitled to bill for an additional day if the rented premises are not vacated on time.

Rescission by the Party – Cancellation fee (§ 5.5. and 5.6)

The Party may rescind the Accommodation Agreement by means of a unilateral declaration by 3 months before the agreed date of arrival of the Guest without being liable to pay a cancellation fee.

Outside the period specified in § 5.5., the Party may only rescind the Accommodation Agreement by means of a unilateral declaration subject to the follo-

- AA40% of the total agreed price by 1 month before the date of arrival;

- 70% of the total agreed price by 1 week before the date of arrival;

- 90% of the total agreed price within the last week preceding the date of arrival.wing cancellation fees:



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