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Saffretta Holiday Appartments

Each apartment comprises two spacious double bed rooms and an open plan kitchen. Following the traditional building style of our country, we have used a lot of timber for the interior construction since we believe that timber greatly enhances the well-being and comfort of our guests .All ceilings, walls and the furniture are made from local wood. The bus station is directly in front of our house. Sufficient parking facilities are also available.


  • Free private parking on site

  • bus station is directly in front of our house

  • Ski storage

  • shower/WC-units per room

  • free WiFi

  • TV-set (satellite TV)

  • balcony (only appartment 2)

  • terrace (only appartment 4)

  • coffee machine

  • tableware and cutlery

  • electric stove with oven

  • dish washer

  • refrigerator (freezer included)

  • microwave oven

table bench/bed sets

Each apartment provides an opportunity to 1 table and bench set or 1 extra bed

Option 1:

Two benches with an octagonal table  

Option 2:

The benches are arranged in a way that the upholstery can be removed and a slatted frame be put on them. A mattress (standard size) on the slatted frame provides extra sleeping capacity.

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