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Holidays in a 300 year old farmhouse - tastefully refurbishe




How about a cottage holiday in the beautiful mountains of Ischgl? Perhaps you are looking for a romantic cottage for a group of friends? We are happy to rent our farmhouse to you. It is located at the edge of the village of Mathon (district of Ischgl) near the bus stop (4 km to the cableway in Ischgl). Dreaming of a romantic holiday in a small house in the snowy mountains?

Why not rent an old house situated on the outskirts of the Mathon village (district of Ischgl) which perfectly combines all of today’s amenities and old style?


  • Free private parking on site

  • Ski storage

  • huge badroom with shower/bath/WC-unit

  • additional WC-unit

  • wash basins in every bedroom

  • free WiFi

  • TV-set (satellite TV)

  • terrace

  • electric stove with oven

  • dish washer

  • refrigerator

  • freezer

  • double coffee machine

  • bread cutter

  • microwave oven


Kitchen 16 m²
table to seat 6 persons
kitchenette (stove with baking oven, dish washer, refrigerator, freezer), microwave oven


Living room 26 m²
3 wooden tables to seat about 15 persons
TV-set (with satellite), chest of drawers (old)


Nebenstube bedroom 21 m²
1 double bed, 1 single bed (standard size 90x200)
1 wash basin, 1 fitted wardrobe, 1 table

Knechtskammer bedroom14 m²
1 double bed, 1 single bed (standard size 90x200)
1 wash basin, 2 wardrobes (old), 1 table

Sun terrace: 12 m², sun/view-protected


Bathroom 12 m²
corner bath tub, shower, double wash basin with mirrored cabinet


WC with wash basin

Stubenkammer bedroom 26 m²
1 double bed, 1 single bed (standard size 90x200)
1 wash basin, 1 wardrobe (old), 1 dresser, 1 table


Nebenstubenkammer bedroom
1 double bed, 1 single bed (standard size 90x200)
1 wash basin, 1 wardrobe (old), 1 table

Mägdekammer bedroom:
1 double bed, 1 single bed (standard size 90x200)
1 wash basin, 1 wardrobe (old), 1 table


​We have put much love and effort into the refurbishment of our farmhouse which is about 300 years old. One of our main goals was to keep the rooms in their original states as far as possible. Except for the furniture the living room and all bedrooms have remained unchanged. Only the kitchen, the bathroom and the heating room have been renewed to meet modern needs. Of course all beds have been adapted to conform to today’s standard sizes (90/200 cm). In the course of the refurbishment works all windows have been exchanged, a central heating (800-litre boiler- oil firing) has been installed and all electrical installations have been renewed.  

The house has 5 spacious bedrooms with a total of 10 up to 15 beds. The living room with a tiled stove and three solid wood tables provides a particularly comfortable atmosphere. The tables can also be arranged to form a large dinner table where family and friends can come together.

If you decide to stay in this old house you shouldn’t be bothered by the creaking of the deal boards or the low ceilings and door sizes which are typical of a 300 year old house. It is exactly these features that give the house this romantic character.


We have carefully strip painted an old grain box giving it the splendour it deserves. Today it is beautifully positioned in the hallway on the first floor of our house.


Another typical feature of a farmhouse in the Paznaun valley is the "Komodkasten" (cupboard). It is plain to see that it has been in use for centuries.

Walking through the house you will realize that pictures with religious elements can be found in almost every room. Our aim was to keep the character of the house untouched and therefore the pictures remained in their original places where they have hung for ages.

The old kitchen cupboard was pitch black and covered with soot – now it looks as good as new. Its back board suggests that the cupboard was once fitted into the kitchen vault. Today the cupboard stands in the hallway on the ground floor.

The antique furniture of the Steffa Hamat farmhouse In 1901 the centrepiece of the farmhouse, a 200 to 300 year old wardrobe, was painted over rather carelessly with the inscription "19 Gottlieb Walser 01". What may be hidden behind this inscription? The pictures on the door panels suggest a certain desire to travel to other places, which many people in this remote region felt in those days.

A typical art nouveau wardrobe – it’s surprising that pieces dating back to this art period can be found even in the remotest farmhouses.

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